RTC Simmer Sauces

Top 7 ShimlaRed RTC Simmer Sauces for Effortless Weekly Meals

Simmer sauces are a game-changer cooking item for your kitchen, as they can bring flavour explosion to your table. We are an expert in the convenient yet delicious cooking space thanks to our wide selection of Ready-to-Cook (RTC) simmer sauces. These sauces revolutionise the art of seamlessly preparing delicious dishes while also satisfying the palates of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

These are produced with tasty, healthful, and premium quality ingredients. With our RTC Simmer Sauces, one can conveniently prepare flavourful restaurant-style recipes at home. Since each simmer sauce is free from artificial additives and preservatives along with natural ingredients, simmer sauces are health and nutritious food options for preparing every day, as well as special meals.

Why RTC Simmer Sauces are a Kitchen Essential? 

  • Cooking Convenience: Simmer sauces combine refinement and simplicity. No matter how skilled you are in the kitchen, these sauces make cooking a joy with convenience. The ease of use of ShimlaRed’s RTC simmer sauces ensures a hassle-free cooking experience for both inexperienced and experienced chefs.
  • Flavour Fusion: Simmer sauces are the taste alchemists, guaranteeing a well-balanced combination of flavours in each dish. When ingredients are cooked simultaneously, flavours can blend seamlessly and leave an enticing aftertaste that remains in the mouth.
  • Time-Saving Marvels: Today’s busy professionals find RTC Culinary Solutions to be a useful tool due to its seamless blend of deliciousness and convenience of use. Whether it’s the bhuna masala, butter chicken, or any other recipe they want to create, ShimlaRed’s simmer sauces save preparation time without sacrificing flavour intensity. It’s the ideal answer for people who want to quickly prepare excellent meals.
RTC Simmer Sauces

Top Picks from ShimlaRed’s RTC Simmer Sauces

  • Butter Chicken Gravy: Savour the renowned butter chicken gravy from ShimlaRed, a perennial favourite for everyone. It's rich and creamy.
  • Rogan Josh Sauce: Take a gourmet trip to the heart of India with ShimlaRed's irresistible sauce as you explore the aromatic world of Rogan Josh.
  • Red Gravy: A traditional option, red gravy is another versatile choice that gives a range of meals depth and richness.
  • Yellow Gravy: A bright addition to your cooking arsenal, the yellow gravy is infused with the warmth of Indian spices.
  • White Gravy: With its creamy texture, White Gravy is a great alternative for people looking for something tastier yet still satisfying. It goes well with a variety of foods.
  • Bhuna Masala Gravy: This robust-tasting gravy is ideal for individuals who enjoy a strong flavour. Dive into the aromatic blend of spices.
  • Tomato Makhani Gravy: Savour a symphony of flavours that captivates the senses as the silky texture of makhani gravy combines with the tangy notes of tomatoes.

Why Choose ShimlaRed Simmer Sauces?

Here are some notable reasons to choose our premium simmer sauces:

  • Manufactured with Precision: The precision of each pack improves with our hands-free hot filling and sealing technology, which guarantees the preservation of the simmer sauces’ freshness and quality throughout the production process.
  • Uncompromised Hygiene Standards: ShimlaRed follows the strictest hygienic regulations at every stage of the production process. Everything is done with extreme care to keep the atmosphere sterile, from choosing the ingredients to sealing.
  • Advanced Technology to Ensure Safety: Modern technology, such as metal detection X-ray equipment, guarantees that every pack is free of impurities, offering a safety net to customers who value their families’ health.
  • Comprehensive Laboratory Testing: ShimlaRed’s dedication to quality is demonstrated with frequent laboratory testing across a range of factors. This promise guarantees that every pack constantly satisfies the highest requirements established by the brand.
  • Superior Ingredients for Unmatched Taste: Every bite is guaranteed to have a genuine and delicious flavour thanks to excellent, premium quality ingredients. ShimlaRed Simmer Sauces are a delicious symphony that embodies the brand’s dedication to superior cooking.



A: If you want restaurant-quality flavour and taste in the shortest amount of time, simmer sauces are your best bet. To improve your cuisine, just dilute these sauces with water and combine them with the primary ingredient.

A: Simmer sauces are healthy choices in addition to being a culinary delight. They have antibacterial qualities, help with weight loss, and have medical advantages.

A: The simmer sauces from ShimlaRed are an exemplar of purity. Culinary connoisseurs can opt for these nutritious and healthful options because they are devoid of artificial tastes or colours.

A: Definitely! The flavour of chicken recipes is improved by simmer sauces. To guarantee that the chicken is cooked to perfection, cook the chicken and simmer the sauces separately.


With a range of tastes to suit every pallet, ShimlaRed’s RTC simmer sauces transform the culinary scene. These easy and tasty kitchen staples will elevate your cooking game and turn every meal into an unforgettable feast. Discover more cooking convenience with our selection of ready-to-cook products, like Tomato Puree and Tomato Paste in Bulk.


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