Passion meets precision to curate each product at ShimlaRed. Meticulous thermal processing is the heart of our state-of-the-art manufacturing setup, ensuring unmatched quality and deliciousness in every bite.

As the pioneers in curating premium quality convenience foods, like RTC and RTC products, along with zesty dips and sauces, we prioritize excellence in each aspect of the manufacturing process. Our dedication to creating products that go beyond our expectations extends to our sourcing of superior-quality ingredients and the implementation of stringent quality control systems.

At ShimlaRed, we follow the highest industry standards in production, ensuring every product reflects commitment, authenticity, and unwavering excellence. Come experience with us the pinnacle of perfection in every flavourful creation from ShimlaRed.


Advanced Packaging Innovation

ShimlaRed leverages Retort Process Technology in its packaging to ensure that products are sealed in airtight packaging, thereby maintaining freshness with extended shelf life.

Superior Packaging Integrity

ShimlaRed uses 4-ply aluminum laminate pouch packaging, which meets high criteria for quality and durability while preserving the freshness of products.

Innovation Hub

ShimlaRed's in-house R&D lab undertakes chemical analysis, microbiological, sensory evaluations, and NPD (New Product Development) to guarantee excellence in product quality and innovation.

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