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Frequently Asked Questions!

ShimlaRed Food Service products include a range of premium Ready-to-Cook and Ready-to-Eat products to elevate your culinary experience. Some of our RTC and RTE products are Bhuna Masala Gravy, Rogan Josh Sauce, Tomato Makhani Gravy, Veg Fried Rice, Spanish Rice, Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Puree, Tomato Paste, Snack Sauce, Schezwan Sauce, Pizza Pasta Sauce, and more. Visit our website to explore all our products.

ShimlaRed Food Service products are available in convenient packaging sizes ranging from 180 g to 5 kg packs. You can choose a desired pack-size as per your kitchen requirement and individual preference. However, we’d recommend for larger pack sizes for HORECA/Food Service sector and smaller pack sizes for home kitchens.

With an amazing shelf life of up to 12 months, ShimlaRed Food Service products guarantee freshness and quality for a longer period of time.

Well, it depends on the product you want to use. For instance, if you pick any product from our dips and sauces category, you can use it for dipping, dressing, or marinade sauce. If you choose any one of our base gravies, you may use them for preparing a variety of recipes of your choice. And, Tomato Puree and Tomato Paste are another great option for cooking a variety of recipes, such as soups, curries, pasta, and more.

ShimlaRed Food Service products come in retort packaging, which is shelf-stable. However, it’s suggested to keep them in cool, dry place before opening. But once you open a pack, refrigerate it and it’s best to consume the product within three days for enjoying its optimal freshness.

Our secret for preserving freshness and longevity without the need for preservatives is a combination of natural ingredients, meticulous processing methods, and innovative retort packaging. Retort packaging efficiently sterilises and seals the product to retain freshness while preserving it for an extended period of time. It does this by exposing it to extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

Our products are versatile and may improve a variety of foods; therefore, their use is not limited to a single recipe, encouraging creativity with cooking and inventiveness. For instance, you can use our Rogan Josh Sauce to prepare delicious Mutton or mouthwatering Mutter Mushroom. Likewise, our other RTC products are also adaptable to your variety of culinary exploration.

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