After Exporting to 50+ Countries for 15 years

Our tagline, “Global Taste, Indian Convenience,” perfectly captures our brand philosophy. Calling out to health-conscious epicureans, we specialize in offering Ready-to-Cook (RTC) and Ready-to-Eat (RTE) products, ensuring both convenience and nutritional value. We offer a diverse range of premium RTC and RTE products that blend authentic flavours with the ease of Indian cooking. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, we choose only the freshest produce, guaranteeing that every item is of the highest calibre and freshness. With the cutting-edge retort processing technique, we maintain the natural essence and nutritional content of our products while ensuring optimum flavour and freshness without the need for preservatives.



Being the leading RTC and RTE products manufacturer and supplier in India, we're committed to crafting culinary delights that are not just convenient to use but downright enjoyable. Hence, we strive to make cooking a breeze! Our range of convenience foods comes in user-friendly packaging, which is ideal for busy chefs to whip up scrumptious meals without sacrificing an ounce of quality or flavour. So, whether you're a kitchen novice or a seasoned pro, count on us to spice up your culinary adventures with our hassle-free and delicious offerings!

Our story has evolved into an amazing tale of expansion and unwavering commitment since our parent company, Shimla Hills Offerings Pvt. Ltd., was founded in 2007. Initially established as a pioneering food processing company in India, Shimla Hills embarked on its path by exporting canned mushrooms to the Israeli market, laying the foundation for our remarkable evolution.

Inspired by our roots in Himachal Pradesh, our Managing Director came up with the idea of forming a brand called ShimlaRed, as a tribute to the area’s abundant tomato production. His vision manifested into reality in 2021 with the construction of our cutting-edge manufacturing facility situated in the Industrial Area of Shoghi, Shimla.

Initially focused on tomato-based products, like Tomato Paste, Tomato Puree, Snack Sauce, and Tomato Ketchup, ShimlaRed has now grown as a leading player in the Convenience Food Sector. We now offer an extensive range of Ready-to-Eat (RTE) and Ready-to-Cook (RTC) products along with an array of flavourful Dips and Sauces. Each product reflects our steadfast commitment to offering the finest flavours of Himachal, as well as other parts of India to both domestic and international markets.

Each achievement is the outcome of a dedicated workforce behind it. The unwavering dedication and unity of our team members at ShimlaRed are reflected in our route. We have achieved unparalleled success thanks to their hard work and our Managing Director’s visionary leadership.

As we venture forth, our roots firmly remain anchored in our values and heritage, making ShimlaRed more than a mere food brand. It reflects the timeless spirit of our journey, community, and everlasting dedication to quality.

Our Story

Why Choose Us?

Expertise and Heritage

With roots tracing back to our foundation in 2007 as Shimla Hills, a leading food processing company in India, ShimlaRed boasts an extensive expertise and rich heritage in the industry.

Diverse Range of Products

ShimlaRed provides a diverse range of products – from tomato puree and tomato paste to RTC base gravies, RTE rice varieties and RTE Combo meals. Our extensive selection caters to the diverse culinary occasions and preferences.

Certified Food

Trusting in the assurance of certification, our convenience food options meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity, providing you with peace of mind with every purchase.

Premium Quality Products

Our experts pick the finest ingredients to ensure manufacturing of premium quality RTC and RTE products for enhanced dining experience.

Value for Money

We strive to deliver exceptional value for money without compromising on quality. This ensures every meal of yours offers a satiating experience without breaking the bank.

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