Indulge in the essence of Spain with our RTE Spanish Rice. It is a fusion of mouthwatering vegetables, tender rice, and savoury spices. Whether you need a flavourful main dish or a yummy side dish, it is perfect to bring Spanish taste to your table with each bite. Just heat and immerse yourself in the Mediterranean flavours!


Heat & Eat
Quick meal solution
Instant flavour infusion
Versatile Flavour additions
90 Sec Microwaveable Rice

Storage Instruction

After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume within 24 hours for optimal freshness.
Store the unused portion in the refrigerator and serve within two days.

Store away from direct sunlight.
Do not consume the pouch if leaked or bloated.

Note: Pouch and contents will be hot after heating, so handle it carefully.

Heating Instruction


Tear the pouch approx. ½ inch and place standing up in the microwave.
Heat on high for 90 seconds.
Remove from the microwave.
Tear open, fluff with fork and serve.

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