Savour the convenience of our ready-to-eat Brown Rice, which brims up with fibre and nutrients for fueling both body and spirit. Available in premium packaging, our RTE fluffy brown rice is the right choice for health-conscious people seeking to add appropriate nutrients to their meals. Take cooking to another level with our superior quality brown rice and start your healthy eating journey today.


Instant meal solutions
Heat & Eat
Diverse culinary options
Versatile pantry staple
90 Sec Microwaveable Rice

Storage Instruction

Store the unused portion in the refrigerator and serve within two days.

Store away from direct sunlight.
Do not consume the pouch if leaked or bloated.

Note: Pouch and contents will be hot after heating, so handle it carefully.

Heating Instruction


Tear the pouch approx. ½ inch and place standing up in the microwave.
Heat on high for 90 seconds.
Remove from the microwave.
Tear open, fluff with fork and serve.

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