Ready-to-Cook Meal Solutions

ShimlaRed’s Ready-to-Cook Meal Solutions for Solo Dining or Family Feasts

Making a healthy, delectable dinner from scratch might sometimes seem like an overwhelming task in the frantic pace of modern life. Whether you’re cooking for a family gathering or dining alone, it can be challenging to find the time and energy to make a delicious meal every day. ShimlaRed’s Ready-to-Cook (RTC) Meal Solutions come to the rescue in this situation by providing a variety of tasty and practical solutions to streamline meals without sacrificing quality or taste

A Variety of Flavours to Suit Every Palate

What makes our RTC Meal solutions stand out from the competition is our extensive range of flavours. From aromatic and rich Bhuna Masala Gravy to flavourful and tangy Yellow Gravy, there’s something to satiate every palate.

No matter you prefer creamy indulgent recipes or spicy Indian curries, ShimlaRed has got you covered. Our range of RTC products includes:

So, you won’t run out of options to prepare any mouthwatering recipe you want.


ShimlaRed understands the need for adding convenience foods to the lives of busy individuals, as well as professional chefs. Therefore, they have come with a wide range of Ready-to-Cook Meal Solutions for simplifying cooking. Whether you are a student with limited time, a busy professional, or a homemaker seeking an easy way to prepare meals, ShimlaRed’s RTC products are your best bet.

Using these RTC offerings, you can prepare delicious restaurant-like meals at home without spending hours in the kitchen. All you need to do is pour any of our RTC products into a pan, add pre-cooked meat or veggies of your choice, stir for a while, and your meal is ready to serve. It’s that simple! Just give it a try to feel the difference and enjoy tasty meals anytime.

Quality Ingredients for Authentic Flavours

Quality is paramount to ShimlaRed. That’s the reason why our experts carefully source the finest ingredients to prepare premium RTC offerings. Each product is the result of careful precision, using a variety of spices and herbs. We use authentic ingredients to capture the true essence of Indian food.

Whether it’s the creamy taste of Butter Chicken Gravy or the strong flavours of Bhuna Masala Gravy, you can rely on ShimlaRed to offer unparalleled quality and taste in each bite.

Ideal for Solo Dining or Family Feasts

Another big advantage of ShimlaRed’s RTC products is their versatility. Whether you want to cook for one or family or friends, our products are easy to customize as per your needs. Just pair our RTC gravies with your choice of vegetables, protein, or grains to make different types of recipes. With easy-to-follow instructions, even beginners can whip up delicious meals in a jiffy.

Plus, you can control the portion size, depending on whether you are cooking for a solo dinner or an entire family. We recommend going for a 1 Kg pack size to make it easy to feed a crowd. So, you won’t have to worry about cooking from scratch. This pack size is also ideal for HORECA sectors for preparing meals for patrons/guests.

Healthier Options Without Compromising on Flavour

Besides offering convenience and taste, ShimlaRed even prioritizes the nutrition and health of consumers. Therefore, our RTC meal solutions consist of wholesome ingredients without any artificial preservatives or flavours.

Whether you are trying to embrace healthier living or following a specific diet, our RTC offerings are perfect for enjoying delicious food guilt-free. You can choose any of our products from the RTC range to prepare yummy recipes without compromising on flavour and nutrition.

Embracing the Joy of Cooking

Aside from offering convenience and flavour, ShimlaRed’s RTC offering even encourages a love for cooking. Our products are a stepping stone for cooking enthusiasts and aspiring chefs to explore the world of Indian cuisine without stressing over the complexity of recipes.

With our RTC base gravies, you can experiment with various techniques and ingredients to prepare various culinary masterpieces. No matter you are a seasoned cook or a beginner, try our RTC offerings to make cooking enjoyable.


RTC offerings from ShimlaRed are a true game-changer for everyone seeking simplified mealtime options. The best part is that these are not only easy to prepare but also help in cooking tasty food without compromising on quality and taste. Explore our diverse range of base gravies in the RTC section to make cooking Indian meals a joy.  No matter whether you want to dine alone or feed a crowd, our RTC products are the perfect solution for you.


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