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Winter Warmers: Quick Recipes with Shimla Red Tomato Puree

In today's busy world, cooking can be a difficult undertaking, particularly for those who work in offices, live away from home, or are engrossed in the fast-paced world of business. It can seem impossible to find joy in the kitchen in the middle of chaos. But worry not—ShimlaRed Tomato Puree is a hidden ingredient that [...]

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Top 7 ShimlaRed RTC Simmer Sauces for Effortless Weekly Meals

Simmer sauces are a game-changer cooking item for your kitchen, as they can bring flavour explosion to your table. We are an expert in the convenient yet delicious cooking space thanks to our wide selection of Ready-to-Cook (RTC) simmer sauces. These sauces revolutionise the art of seamlessly preparing delicious dishes while also satisfying the [...]

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ShimlaRed Tomato Processing Unit: A Beacon of Hope for HP Tomato Farmers

Situated in the serene Himachal Pradesh, with the majestic Himalayas providing a captivating backdrop, the ShimlaRed Tomato Processing Unit has emerged as a turning point for the local economy. Agriculture has always been the mainstay in the region. And, among the terraced fields with their diverse array of crops, tomatoes have become increasingly prominent. [...]

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Culinary Chronicles: ShimlaRed’s Flavourful Journey from 2023 to 2024

Since its debut in 2023 to the present day, as we gear up to expand our production line, ShimlaRed’s culinary journey has been nothing short of outstanding. Taking a look back at our past three month’s journey, we have come a long way in the quest for culinary perfection. Read on to explore some [...]

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ShimlaRed Expands Production in 2024

We believe that our tagline, "Global Taste, Indian Convenience," sums up the spirit of the ShimlaRed brand well. We take pride in delivering to your table the finest of both worlds: the convenience of homemade Indian cooking combined with an international standard of quality. Tomato Triumph: From Puree to Ketchup ShimlaRed initially gained recognition [...]

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Simplify Holiday Cooking with Ready-to-Cook Simmer Sauces

Holiday season is the best time of the year to indulge in festive flavours. Since the world is all in Christmas and New Year cheer, why not make this festive time more flavourful. For those who aren’t with their family and celebrating Christmas and New Year’s away from India, ShimlaRed has come up with [...]

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Elevate HORECA Delights with ShimlaRed Tomato Paste Recipes

The pursuit of excellence is not only a journey but a gastronomic necessity in the beat of HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering) environments, where each dish is a symphony of tastes and every culinary attempt aims for perfection. As culinary innovators and chefs continue to forge new routes to tantalize palates and enhance the [...]

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Reasons to Choose Ready-to-Cook Simmer Sauces for Effortless Meals

Convenient and time-saving solutions are in high demand in our fast-paced world since they improve every part of our lives. This demand is also surging in the kitchen, as home cooks are looking for quick tasty recipes that don't skimp on flavour or nutrients. Simmer sauces that are ready to cook are revolutionizing the [...]

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What Is Simmer Sauce & How to Use It?

In the cooking world, ready-to-cook (RTC) simmer sauces have emerged as a game-changer. Using a simmer sauce, one can easily turn simple meals into extraordinary culinary masterpieces. Due to the adaptability of this sauce, chefs can use it to prepare a variety of recipes without spending hours in the kitchen. In this article, we [...]

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Benefits of Using ShimlaRed Tomato Paste in Your Cooking

In the realm of culinary delights, one ingredient has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way we approach cooking ShimlaRed Tomato Paste.  It is a thick and tasty mixture to enhance your food with Himalayan tomato goodness. Plus, it offers numerous advantages while cooking. Explore the world of the best tomato paste, skillfully produced [...]

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