Holiday season is the best time of the year to indulge in festive flavours. Since the world is all in Christmas and New Year cheer, why not make this festive time more flavourful. For those who aren’t with their family and celebrating Christmas and New Year’s away from India, ShimlaRed has come up with a new line of Ready-to-Cook (RTC) Simmer Sauces. While the authentic Indian flavours aren’t too Christmassy, you can add uniqueness to your meal time the way you want. If you are craving spicy Indian flavours far from your home country, indulge in our new product range to revive your memories of real Indian flavours.

ShimlaRed’s Simmer Sauce Collection

ShimlaRed, the top ready-to-cook simmer sauce manufacturer in India, offers a variety of cooking sauces. Some of their products include:

  • Butter Chicken Gravy
  • Bhuna Masala Gravy
  • Rogan Josh Sauce
  • White Gravy
  • Red Gravy
  • Yellow Gravy
  • Tomato Makhani

Each of these cooking sauces offers a rich and exquisite flavour of Indian food to every meal prepared with it. Since each simmer sauce comes in an easy-to-use pack and RTC form, it’s very convenient to prepare desired meals without any hassle.

Versatile and Time-Saving Cooking Options

Besides being versatile and offering endless cooking options, our simmer sauces are time-saving as well.  The consistent flavour of spices and herbs makes each cooking sauce makes them a good option for a variety of recipes. You’ll be amazed to find out that these cooking sauces are great for preparing both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.

If you have a busy schedule, ShimlaRed’s simmer sauces are a godsend! All you need to do is open the pack, add it to a heated pan, further add pre-cooked veggies/meat, stir for a while, and your dish is ready to serve. So, no need to struggle for hours in your kitchen and juggle with several ingredients. Now, you can prepare a restaurant-style meal just in a few easy steps.

Convenient Packaging – From Home Cooks to Chefs

Our ready-to-cook products are available for both home cooks and professional chefs. A 1kg package is sufficient to serve up to ten people in a go. This makes it a convenient and economical option for individuals who desire authentic Indian flavour for holiday feasts. That too without compromising on quality, taste, money, and comfort. Every mouthful is a genuine portrayal of Indian culinary tradition because of the commitment to preserving flavour integrity.

What makes our simmer sauce more special is the fact that they are free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, or added MSG. Hence, it’s a healthy choice for people concerned about their fitness and overall health.

Add a Unique Flair to Your Festivities

Even though Indian cuisine has no exact Christmas flavours, ShimlaRed invites you to try something new in the kitchen this year. Go beyond the ordinary and add some originality to your festivities. If you want to experiment this year, try our RTC simmer sauces to make dishes that are not only tasty but also extraordinary for the season. Go beyond the norm and explore our cooking sauce products to suit your palate.


Let the richness and comfort of Indian food steal the show this holiday season. No matter where you’re in the world, ShimlaRed’s RTC simmer sauces promise not only time-saving cooking but also an authentic Indian taste. Choose our products to elevate your holiday cooking like never before.