Tomato ketchup and snack sauce are two of the most notable condiments found on our tables, enticing our taste senses. Although many of us view these condiments as merely an afterthought, they are the unsung heroes of our culinary explorations. After all, they turn ordinary dishes into tastier delights. We’ll compare and contrast ShimlaRed Tomato Ketchup and ShimlaRed Snack Sauce in this savoury competition to see which is the best.

ShimlaRed Tomato Ketchup

ShimlaRed Tomato Ketchup consists of sun-ripened, Himalayan-grown tomatoes. Each drop of this ketchup captures the essence of the freshest tomatoes, which grow in a pollution-free environment.  The symphony of flavours in ShimlaRed Tomato Ketchup is what makes it unique.
 It creates the ideal harmony of tart and sweet flavours by fusing the richness of tomatoes with carefully chosen spices and seasonings. It’s a perfect match to your favourite snacks, such as fritters, pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, and French fries, as well as the last touch for your dishes. It’s difficult to put this delectable product down after you’ve dipped into it.
ShimlaRed Tomato Ketchup
ShimlaRed Snack Sauce

ShimlaRed Snack Sauce

Redefining how we improve our dishes, ShimlaRed Snack Sauce is another product that takes us on a gastronomic journey into the heart of the mountains. This sauce combines apple pulp, tomato paste, and a carefully chosen assortment of spices and condiments to create a mouthwatering flavour that is full of the goodness of fruits and vegetables.
ShimlaRed Snack Sauce is made using advanced technology and is thermally treated, just like its ketchup counterpart. It is a smooth spread that you can apply to your sandwiches, chapati-sabzi rolls, etc. Or you may use it to prepare certain recipes, like Chowmein or other tangy recipes.   Naturally, it’s also the perfect dipping sauce for a variety of appetisers, such as pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, fritters, and traditional French fries.

Differences Between Shimla Red Ketchup and Snack Sauce

While both these condiments look and taste similar, they are different in their unique way. Have a look at these parameters that make them different from one another:
  • Ingredients:
 Some of the major ingredients found in tomato ketchup are tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and a blend of seasonings and sauces. The tangy flavour of ketchup comes from its main ingredient – tomato paste.
 On the other hand, snack sauce doesn’t only consist of tomatoes. It even includes apple pulp, sugar, and other sauces and seasonings. This combination makes it a perfect tantalising condiment.
  • Flavour Profile:
 The classic flavour of tomato ketchup is tangy and sweet. This makes it a great companion for different snacks, like hot dogs, burgers, and fries.
Even snack sauce boasts a tangy element. However, due to the presence of apple pulp, it has a distinct taste from ketchup. This makes it a great option for anyone willing to try something different. Since it is not as sweet as ketchup, it will appeal to people who are not into sweeter flavours.
  •  Texture:
 It comes with a thick, smooth texture that makes it easier to dip and spread due to its consistency.
However, snack sauce has a velvety texture, which enables users to easily glide it onto sandwiches and snacks. This makes it an excellent choice for your favourite snacks.


You can go for ShimlaRed Tomato Ketchup or ShimlaRed Snack Sauce, as per your preference. Whichever one you select; you’ll get a remarkable culinary experience. Why not give them a try and let your taste buds decide who wins this mouthwatering battle?