Hey there, fellow food enthusiasts and Food & Beverage Manufacturers! If there’s one ingredient that consistently dazzles everyone’s taste buds and ignites their culinary creativity, it’s the humble yet mighty tomato paste. And when it comes to tomato paste, ShimlaRed is everyone’s go-to-choice. So, let’s learn how it can serve its purpose for your particular demands.

Unveiling ShimlaRed Tomato Paste

Imagine a pack of pure tomato goodness that embodies the essence of sun-ripened tomatoes. That’s ShimlaRed Tomato Paste for you. What sets it apart? It’s the perfect symphony of tradition and innovation- without added preservatives or synthetic colours / flavours. From carefully selected tomatoes to cutting-edge processing techniques, ShimlaRed captures the rich tomato flavour we all crave.

Catering to Every Need

What truly makes ShimlaRed Tomato Paste stand out is its ability to cater to diverse needs. It’s not just an ingredient; it’s a culinary companion that seamlessly fits into different settings.

Food and Beverage Manufacturers: Industrial Packaging

For the bustling world of food and beverage manufacturing, ShimlaRed Tomato Paste is a game-changer. It’s all about precision and consistency here, and ShimlaRed delivers. With specifications like Total Soluble Solids (TSS) at 26 ± 0.3 and Acidity as Anhydrous Citric Acid at 2.0 ± 0.1, it’s a partner that food and beverage manufacturers can rely on for superior quality. Whether it’s crafting the perfect pasta sauce or adding depth to a hearty stew, ShimlaRed Tomato Paste enhances the final product.

food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry

Wholesalers: Bulk Retail Packaging

Wholesalers play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between manufacturers and individual consumers. ShimlaRed Tomato Paste understands this dynamic and offers bulk retail packaging that suits the needs of wholesalers. The packaging preserves the quality and taste of the tomato paste, ensuring that every pack is as delightful as the last. It’s all about delivering consistent excellence to customers, and ShimlaRed Tomato Paste rises to the occasion.

Households: Single Retail Packs

Ah, the heart of every kitchen– households! Whether you’re a seasoned cook or someone who simply enjoys preparing meals at home, ShimlaRed Tomato Paste is your culinary ally. With single retail packs in smaller quantities, it’s easy to infuse the distinctive tomato richness into your dishes. The convenience of having a pack of ShimlaRed Tomato Paste in your pantry means you’re always ready to create magic in the kitchen.

Specifications That Speak Excellence

ShimlaRed Tomato Paste isn’t just about taste; it’s about quality down to the finest detail. Let’s talk specifications. With a pH of 4.1 ± 0.1 and a Colour of 1.9 a/b – 2.1 a/b, ShimlaRed Tomato Paste maintains the perfect balance of acidity and colour that’s essential for a range of culinary creations. And with a shelf life of 12 months from the date of production, you have plenty of time to explore its culinary possibilities.

Why Choose ShimlaRed Tomato Paste?

It’s not just about the specifications; it’s the overall experience that ShimlaRed Tomato Paste brings to your kitchen. The passion and dedication that go into crafting each jar are evident with every taste. The richness of the tomato flavour, the versatility in applications, and the commitment to quality make ShimlaRed Tomato Paste a must-have for any kitchen. And you get all that good quality at good prices without the worry of added preservatives or synthetic colours / flavours.

So, there you have it – ShimlaRed Tomato Paste, a culinary companion that caters to all your needs. From food and beverage manufacturers to wholesalers and households, ShimlaRed seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, quality with convenience. Why wait? Let the journey of flavours begin with a jar of ShimlaRed Tomato Paste in your kitchen. Visit www.shimlared.com and explore further.