The vibrantly red fruit (or as some people confuse it for a vegetable), Tomato has been severely in short supply in India for the previous few days. In the retail sector, tomato prices have increased to Rs 140–200 per kg, while wholesale prices have increased to Rs 80-90 per kg.

Tomatoes, a common kitchen staple, are found in almost every household throughout the country. However, the significant increase in tomato prices is set to have a devastating impact on individuals from lower-income backgrounds. Farmers are pointing to a combination of extreme heat and the delayed arrival of the monsoon season as the primary factors leading to a decrease in tomato output. Moreover, farmers have observed a decline in production, which can be attributed to the low prices experienced back in May when the cost per kilogram plummeted to a mere 3 to 5 rupees per kg.

According to ET, Ashok Ganor, a tomato trader from Delhi’s Azadpur wholesale market, commented that tomato prices had doubled in the last two days. He noted a decrease in the supply of tomatoes from neighbouring states such as Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Currently, tomatoes are being sourced from Bangalore. Ganor mentioned that the tomato plants that were grown on the ground had been damaged due to the recent rainfall. Only the plants that grew vertically with the support of wires were able to be saved.

Decoding the reasons briefly:

  • As the beans crop witnessed a skyrocketing increase in prices last year, and the tomato crop didn’t fare good, most farmers decided to shift to beans farming. This had resulted in already lower production this year. Additionally, it was noted that as the prices were unprofitable, the farmers did not apply pesticides or fertilisers to their crops.
  • The heatwaves that caused the crops to wilt made the situation even worse. Then, in May, there was an out-of-season downpour that seriously damaged tomato crops in areas like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. Tomato crops in Karnataka were also negatively impacted by the torrential rains that fell in Karnataka in June.

In addition to these weather-related issues, flooding has also affected several areas of the nation, making it challenging for farmers to safely transport their produce from fields to markets. For instance, Cyclone Biporjoy’s severe rains in Rajasthan destroyed crops, making it impossible for them to reach nearby marketplaces.

But what solution does a common man have now?

In the midst of soaring tomato prices, the common man may be seeking solutions to cope with the impact on their daily life. Thus, ShimlaRed presents a range of budget-friendly alternatives in the form of tomato-based products: Tomato Paste, Tomato Puree, Tomato Ketchup, and Tomato Sauce. These products not only help individuals save themselves from burning a hole in their pockets but also provide convenience and time-saving benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of ShimlaRed’s tomato products:

First, Tomato Paste can serve as a cost-effective substitute for fresh tomatoes in various recipes. Just 2 teaspoons of Tomato Paste can be used to replace 1 medium-sized tomato. This means you can enjoy the rich tomato flavour without the need to purchase and use a large quantity of fresh tomatoes.

Similarly, Tomato Puree can be used as a thrifty alternative. 2 teaspoons of Tomato Puree are equivalent to 3 medium-sized tomatoes. This product offers a concentrated form of tomatoes, making it a practical choice for dishes that require a substantial tomato base.

Furthermore, ShimlaRed’s tomato products are partially cooked, saving you both time and money in the kitchen. Since they are already processed, you don’t have to spend extra hours simmering tomatoes on the stove. This convenience allows you to prepare meals more efficiently, especially during busy times.

Additionally, using ShimlaRed’s tomato products eliminates the hassle of cutting and cooking fresh tomatoes. You can skip the preparation steps and directly incorporate tomato products into your recipes. This not only saves you effort but also reduces the risk of any mishaps while handling and cooking fresh tomatoes.

The Tomato Ketchup & Tomato Sauce are perfect to be used as a condiment or a dressing in salads and continental cuisines. They can also be used to replace tomato puree in some cases where a tangier flavour is desired.

These pantry staples can be used as reliable and affordable substitutes for fresh tomatoes in a variety of dishes, including sauces, curries, and sandwiches.

advantages of ShimlaRed's tomato products